Best Bandung Tour

Best Bandung Tour

Best Bandung Tour Ever

I and my family took a 4D3N Bandung tour package last month to celebrate my 25th birthday in Indonesia. We were all very excited as it was our first visit to Indonesia and our first holiday together since my fiancé moved in with me. So long story short, we book a holiday package at very competitive price which is at SGD 99 per person only, including hotel, meals, and entrance tickets. As the tour package does not include flight tickets, so we have to buy our own, but we don’t mind that at all.

Then the day arrived. We all gathered at Changi airport, Singapore, at 6:30 am to catch the direct flight to Bandung, Indonesia, at 8:30 am. We were all very happy and we didn’t bring too many stuff as we didn’t want to be bothered by our luggage so we only brought small backpacks.

It took only 2 hours from Singapore to Bandung, and our tour guide had been waiting for us at the airport departure. After we got into the car, we started the tour immediately.

Bandung Tour Package Itinerary

Our first day in Bandung started by visiting the Satay Building, which is also the trademark of the city. We stopped by for a moment to take some lovely pictures in front of the historical building. Then we continued our journey to the northern part of the city to visit the popular volcano. It was on weekday so there was no traffic jam at all and it was not crowded either at the volcano.

Our next stop was the hot spring resort. We definitely didn’t want to waste our time and jumped into the hot pool immediately. To my surprise, the water wasn’t as hot as I thought it was. Maybe it was because there was rain before so the water became a bit warmer. After we had lunch at a local restaurant, we continued our journey to the Floating Market.

I have to say that this place is one of my favorite places during our visit in Bandung. We can lots of nice food here and we can also relax by the beautiful lake while enjoying the cool breeze. I swear there is nowhere in Singapore where we can feel such super cooling breeze as in Bandung. I really envy Bandung people to be able to enjoy such nice cooling weather all the time.

After a short visit to some shopping centers, we decided to call it a night and we headed to our hotel for checking in.

Memorable Holiday in Bandung

The next day we went to the White Crater, situated in southern Bandung. It was a long journey, taking around 2 hours. However the scenery is so much more beautiful than what we saw on the previous day. It was more like village area. We also stopped by at a strawberry farm to pluck some strawberries.

The White Crater is indeed a very beautiful place. We took many photos at the area. Our next visit is the deer reservation where we can feed the deer.

Then we also stopped by at a tea plantation to get some more pictures taken. This tea plantation is so panoramic and breathtakingly lovely.

Last but not least, we also visited more factory outlets at the end of our tour on day 2 before we headed back to our hotel and took some dinner nearby.

Bandung Tour - Satay Building
Satay Building in Bandung tour package


Below are some tips if you want to go to Bandung:

  • Get yourself personal medicine
  • Don’t forget to bring umbrellas and masks
  • Don’t forget to bring hand phone and camera chargers

Enjoy your trip to Bandung!